Sekedar Celoteh Anak Bangsa


Its right, because a we know our country so left behind with another country in South East Asia and as we know that Colombia is more left behind than us but we have to look at infect that Colombia have making the National Standard until 7 point in each lesson, can you imagine, we are the nation of Indonesia so long left behind comparing Columbia as the poor country, so I think is the time to do something that useful for us as the young generation, and if we not as National examination as a educating when we have to start to suggest our country but if there something the which is not suitable for our country as the motion mean National Examination is educating we have to correct it until we get the perfect program for suggest the National Examination.
Look at infect without the National Examination gang fight in every school is in every where and every Time, we can see that every students, all the student here study hard, all out forget the passing in examination that is a proof that National Examination is educating for us, now in Indonesia in every school and all the students not thinking to playing trvent anymore or gang fight which is make them become unuseful people.
This is the time for manage and shape the great student for face the future as young Indonesia generation for face the global market especially visit Indonesia 2008 we have to make our student our young generation ready for face that things, How to manage and shape them? Only one answer with nation students all examination, not student lazy anymore we can minimalist gang fight between the students because they focus to the examination and I think that is o proof that national examination is educating which is can make us seriously for study because they wont not passing an exam.
I want to clarify to all of you here that national examination is educating why? Because it make the student study hard, nothing playing trvent, lazy student or gang fight anymore here, that is a proof that our student be better after national examination be held in our country, so what the problem here is clear that impact of national examination is educating which is make our students be better than before.
Deli Serdang for example that is wrong like the first speaker said that National examination is educating. We must lost something like that for suggest our nation, we have to confident we can do it well. Columbia is the poor country does that, why don’t us as the development country.
If about facility why we should waiting from the government we can facilities our self, poor country can do that why we can’t?
For example from the first speaker it can motivate us to be better you know that, we can minimal zed gang fight and if a proof that National examination is educating which is motivate us going to study hard.
The ghost just for unready teacher and lazy student. So when we will ready?

That We Should Stop Comeralization in Education

Education is a part of our nationally life for get the successful future we have to study and get the educations. And about this motion That We Should Stop Comeralization in Education. I don’t think so because every thing especially about the activity a lot of person. I think not so cheap. To held some activity there, and stop Comeralization in educating is bed for the technical. The government have to pay for another need likes hospital build our country there are many thing that should we corrected, so still Comeralization isn’t bad. For makes another need the government has no a lot of money for pay everything. The people especially Indonesian society has to do something for cost their need of their life. If everything we give to government. What should we do just stay enjoy and waiting for the government to cost everything of our needed.
Our government not so rich Reward is not the best way to motivate students (I think rewards is the thing or goods which is give to the student who clever or smart. Exactly, like the money certificate or ect it cant make the students will be motivate but just make them do something just because for get something about what they have to do. I think reward just for put on the table what for. For make your home becomes glitter perhaps. Reward like the medals isn’t used for us. And for motivate the student I think is better to give them the scholarship therefore they can continue their study and stay to be best to keep the scholarship of them. Certificate or medals as a reward for students isn’t suitable for us, seems like the commercial student who just want the things and the gods with their capability I think if we support them it will be interest for them.

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